Oilseed rape


  • Good quality and suitable for storage as it does not contain any impurities, is not infested with insect, has no off-flavour, is not unripe, burnt or otherwise damaged and the content of free fatty acids does not exceed 2%;
  • Dry if it is naturally dry or if it was dried in a safe manner to a maximum of 9 %;
  • Pure if straw, weeds and other foreign material does not exceed 2% after suction and does not contain any live or dead insect.



If the Goods are received in a warehouse of a third party, a warehouse warrant shall be issued in the name of the company HAKUS, while the current date needs to be specified. Such warehouse warrant cannot be endorsed, it cannot be transferable in any other way and it needs to exclude rights or objections of third parties.




The company HAKUS shall organize samples to be taken in order to analyse the content of oil, moisture and admixtures (and free fatty acids, if required) in a renowned laboratory. When the results of the first analysis are obtained, both the contracting parties are entitled to require a comprehensive analysis. The other contracting party shall be notified about that within 7 working days. The costs shall be borne by the requesting party. The average of the two results shall be the basis for payment. Should the results of the first and second analysis vary significantly, each contracting party shall be entitled to have a third analysis carried out in an agreed laboratory. The fee for such analysis shall be borne by both of the contracting parties equally. After the third analysis is carried out, the average of two closest results shall serve as the basis for payment.




Transport may be organized in bulk in freight cars in an agreed railway station (code, name), or in 50 kg bags using lorry transport, or in BIG BAG bags of 500, 750, or 1000 kg. Date of delivery (loading, handover to a carrier) needs to be agreed in good time and the contract number needs to be provided. An authorized representative of Hakus a.s., OOO MBB Group or an SGS commissioner needs to be present during loading. Except for events of Force Majeure, the costs of delay, incurred as a result of non-compliance with the agreed date of delivery/unloading or receipt, shall be borne by the party that failed to comply with such date.