Technical Crops

Hakus a.s has spent more than two years on the commercial technical crops programme. We visited the central, south and north part of the Russian Federation during the preparation. We established personal connections with primary agricultural producers. We studied the scope and technological level of growing technical crops and the economy of their cultivation. We learned about the customs and specifics of the eastern market with such commodities. At the same time, we informed eastern primary producers (cultivators) of the customs and rules on the European market.

Our Company finds reliable primary producers (cultivators) of technical crops in the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and other eastern countries. We buy out their production in corresponding quality and we provide appropriate storage. We search for the safest and cheapest logistic solutions. We organize direct deliveries to the end consumer. We cooperate with reliable carriers and provide flexible custom clearance.

Small and medium primary producers (cultivators) are not usually capable of providing direct export and they often lack direct connection to railway terminals and so their production focuses on specialized buy-outs. The delivered quantity and quality is strictly checked in the buy-outs. Upon agreement with the cultivator, commodities are adjusted and prepared to be dispatched to the end consumer.

Large primary producers (cultivators) have their own logistic and warehouse centres with connection to the railway and thus are equipped, both technically and administratively, to arrange export, but they require payments against warehouse certificates. Commodities are stored in return for payment until dispatch.
Our subsidiary, OOO MBB Group, plays an important role: it checks the goods in the warehouses, procures samples for our own analyses in a control laboratory and helps arrange transport from the loading point to the destination (provision of freight cars and so on). It provides protection of the goods against alienation and destruction.

We have found solutions to all specific issues with buy-outs and with organizing individual deliveries of technical crops from the territory of the Russian Federation and other eastern countries. We have created an efficient system through our subsidiary, OOO MBB Group that flexibly and reliably responds to unforeseen facts and customer requirements.