Used vegetable oil

General description

Used vegetable oil is obtained by refining frying oils from restaurants and cafeterias.


Physical properties

Colour Light brown to dark yellow
State Liquid at a temperature exceeding 30° C


Chemical parameters

Acid number max. 7.00 mg KOH/g CSN EN 14104
Water content max. 1.00 % vol. CSN EN ISO 12937
Content of impurities max. 0.50 % vol. CSN EN 12662



The company Hakus a.s. supplies goods that correspond to the declared quality and that are fit for storage and further processing.

  • Used vegetable oil is of high quality if FFA does not exceed the value of 3.5 %, impurities do not exceed the value of 0.50 %, and water does not exceed the value of 1.0 %

Sampling: Samples are taken directly at the manufacturer´s premises in order to analyse the content of FFA and MIU in the used frying oil being purchased. Samples are taken for each transport unit separately before it is dispatched to customers. Samples are taken from each separate section individually. Samples are taken from the bottom, middle and top parts. One combined sample is produced out of these individual samples. Before dispatch to customers, the values must correspond with the declared quality.



In tanker vehicles, using a carrier in compliance with applicable legislation. The company Hakus a.s. arranges transport as far as to the place of delivery. The place and date of delivery is understood to be a place specified by the customer in a specific order. Transport will be implemented using specialized tanker vehicles intended for transport of used vegetable oil (transport usually takes 4 to 7 days).