The company Hakus a.s. is relatively new in the oleochemical industry. After three years of supplying individual ingredients for the production of biodiesel of the 2nd generation, or to chemical plants in the EU, we can easily offer and provide to customers ingredients of constantly high-quality based on their request. Our company can offer such ingredients mainly from the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. We have familiarized ourselves with the customs and specifics of Eastern markets. We have familiarized ourselves with these commodities and we also familiarize producers from the East with the customs and rules established in the European market. Thanks to our long-term operation on the markets of Eastern Europe, we are strong enough and able to offer high-quality ingredients to suit customers´ needs.

Our company constantly seeks new and reliable producers in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus that could be incorporated into the company´s portfolio of approved producers. In order to deal with individual specific issues in connection with purchases of an ingredient, a subsidiary company – OOO MBB Group – has been established. It is based in the Russian Federation and it can deal with such issues flexibly and directly on site through personal attendance.

To improve logistics and increase its efficiency, we have sufficiently large storage capacities, which allows us to ensure timely deliveries. Thanks to such storage facilities, we are able to ensure regular and high-quality deliveries according to customers´ specific needs and requirements.

Our company offers high-quality, safe and reliable deliveries that are based on years of testing of the individual suppliers. We focus on optimizing logistics, purchase prices and timely distribution to customers at the required quality.

The company Hakus a.s is always ready to accept, process and find the best solution for each of your requests.