The company Hakus a.s. has been operating in the brewing industry for over 15 years. We are able to arrange and offer almost all kinds of ingredients for brewing beer. One of the most important ingredients for brewing beer is malt. Our company can offer malt mainly from Czech and Slovakian malting plants. Thanks to our long-term operation in the market, we can also offer malt from Germany, Belgium or Austria, if required.

Just like with hops, we also have sufficiently large storage capacities for malt, which allows us to provide for sufficiently large malt portfolio. Thanks to such storage facilities, we are able to ensure regular and high-quality deliveries according to customers´ specific needs and requirements. Upon request and demand from customers, we can arrange a specific purchase, delivery or year-long storage in case of distribution in parts.

Our company offers high-quality and professional services that are based on years of experience in trading in this ingredient. We focus on optimizing logistics, purchase prices and timely distribution to customers at the required quality.

We are happy about and appreciate every request we receive from you for specific varieties of hops in any quantity and we will gladly prepare a specific quotation for you.

“The company Hakus a.s. will always support Czech malt which follows from the tradition of our Czech malting industry and from its significance and uniqueness in the world.”


Description of malt

Malt is made in malting plants and it is always processed and packed according to customers´ requirements. Malt production is a process of malting that takes several days. Most often, malt is categorized as follows:

By colour 

Light malt – or Pilsner malt, as the basic ingredient for making all kinds of beer
Munich malt – ingredient for making dark beer
Vienna malt – ingredient for making semi-dark and dark beer
Caramel malt – ingredient for making Munich-type dark beer
Chocolate malt – ingredient for making Munich-type dark and semi-dark beer
Coloured malt – ingredient for making Munich-type dark beer

According to the type of packaging 

– Unpacked

– Bagged

According to the crop being processed 

– Barley

– Wheat



In clean, dry and refrigerated storage facilities, namely warehouses approved in accordance with applicable legislation.



In a standard tilt semi-trailer or farm semi-trailer, using a carrier in compliance with applicable legislation. The company Hakus a.s. arranges transport as far as to the place of delivery. The place and date of delivery is understood to be a place specified by the customer in a specific order. Transport shall be carried out using specialized tilt semi-trailers or farm semi-trailers designed for the transport of malt.