The company Hakus a.s, from the Saaz region, can offer a large number of Czech and European hops varieties. Our main interest is in Czech varieties, but we also offer German, Belgium, Polish and Slovenian hops varieties.

We have sufficiently large storage capacities available, thanks to which we offer a sufficiently large portfolio of hops varieties, while some of them are not as deep-rooted in public awareness. Thanks to such storage facilities, we are able to ensure regular and high-quality deliveries according to customer’s individual needs and requirements.

Based on many years of experience in growing and processing of hops, we can offer a professional approach combined with flexible supplies of high-quality goods.
We are happy about and appreciate every request we receive from you for specific varieties of hops in any quantity and we will gladly prepare a specific quotation for you.

“The company Hakus a.s. will always support the Saaz semi-early red-bine hops variety which follows from the tradition of our Czech hop-growing industry and from its significance and uniqueness in the world.”


Description of hops

Hops can be classified according to the production yield of α acids, their composition and aroma quality as aromatic, bitter and hybrid varieties. Hops are processed and packed according to customers´ requirements and wishes. During this process, hops verification takes place as stipulated by the act on the protection of hops. Hop cones are most often processed in the following manner:

Hop cones 

This is the easiest and oldest form of cone packaging. Cones are sorted (biological and mechanical impurities are removed), and then pressed using high-pressure presses. The packaging is made from artificial fibre fabrics. The weight of a package depends on the customer´s requirement. Pressing reduces the volume and limits access of air. Despite that, oxidation occurs during long-time storage, followed by reduction of the content of bitter substances.

Hop granules 

This is the most common form of processing and packaging. Cones dried to a moisture content of 6.5 – 8.5% are finely ground, pressed into granules of 6mm in diameter, vacuum-packed into a barrier foil or into an inert atmosphere (CO2, N2). Hop granules are processed in two ways.

Hop extract 

Substances important for brewing are extracted from hop cones, and packed into tin packaging. The extract is mainly produced from high-alpha varieties of hops. The extract is mainly used for the first dose of hops when brewing beer.



In clean, dry and refrigerated storage facilities, namely warehouses approved in accordance with applicable legislation.

Samples are taken in order to analyse the alpha-content in hops purchased for storage facilities. Samples are taken for each batch separately before storage. Before storage, the values must correspond with the declared quality.



In a standard tilt semi-trailer, using a carrier in compliance with applicable legislation. The company Hakus a.s. arranges transport as far as to the place of delivery. The place and date of delivery is understood to be a place specified by the customer in a specific order. Transport shall be carried out using specialized tilt semi-trailers designed for the transport of hops.