Hakus a.s. buys out and sells finished products by leading producers in the Russian Federation and in the European Union. When the situation on the market permits, Hakus a.s. buys out basic raw materials and manufactures products at its own cost and under its own supervision.

High Quality

We specialize in the selection of products and raw materials that fully comply with the qualitative requirements of our customers. We draw from our long experience and specialization in the individual branches and foreign markets. We check the quality of the delivered products with the assistance of specialists in the field and accredited independent laboratories. We monitor the production process, raw material processing and warehousing of finished products.



We look for interesting price relationships of the individual materials as well as finished products in relation to the quality required by the customer. When organizing deliveries to the points of destination, we focus on optimizing logistic routes and means and related costs. When requested by the customer, we provide deliveries by instalment using our own storage capacity on the basis of approved schedules with the aim to reduce the necessary production stock and related financial resources of our customers.


On Time and Flexible

To ensure flexible distribution, we use permanent warehouses in the Czech Republic as well as in the territory of the Russian Federation. When further short-term storage is required, namely in case of large quantities of production material, we use proven logistic and warehousing centres on the basis of a contract on cooperation. Our goal is to make goods flexibly available to the end consumer in order to eliminate the risk of failure of regular supply.