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During the implementation of the OLEOCHEMICAL HAKUS business program, we have encountered a large amount of non-certified raw material. During several years of market research, it was found that the share of non-certified raw material makes up more than 80% of all potential sources. The non-certified raw material does not always meet the quality requirements of the end customer and is therefore practically unusable for deliveries.

On one hand, we have huge and long-term unfulfilled requirements for biofuel producers for raw materials, and on the other hand, we have sources of raw materials that cannot yet be used because they do not meet the quality requirements and certification requirements.

The solution is to build specialized centers that ensure independent collection and concentration of non-certified raw materials from a radius of 300-400 km. We want to ensure the adjustment of raw materials according to quality standards of the final processor or user and perform proper certification of raw materials according to legal rules. The processor will receive the raw material in the required quality and in the required certification standard and thus will be able to use the subsequently approved EU support, especially in the production of biofuels.

During the independent collection of raw materials, a high-quality raw material enters the system not only for technical purposes, but also fodder purposes and human nutrition, the cosmetic industry and for medical purposes. It would be a great mistake and a pity not to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, which is why the centers are designed to be able to receive and process this raw material and supply the full range of products for all available purposes, not only in local markets but especially in foreign EU markets, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

That is why we started the business project of building certification, storage and production centers called COLLECTION POINT CENTER. This business project was prepared for many years with the participation of production specialists, experts dealing with the design and manufacture of relevant technologies and experts in foreign trade.

That is why we can present a proposal to our partners today to build a COLLECTION POINT CENTER. Each individual center represents an investment of EUR 5-6 million with a project return on investment of up to 5 years. The CP center is the top and final investment in the given locality, continuing and supporting the product and technological part of the HAKUS OLEO program and providing the necessary service to the entire system and creating conditions for waste-free 100% processing of raw materials.


ensures the organization of the purchase of fat raw materials from producers using OLEO technology of the STUNA HOLDING PROGRAM from the area up to 400 km in its vicinity and from other producers, sorting and storage of fat raw materials according to quality,

adjustment of fat raw materials according to the requirements of the final customer organization of separate collection and treatment of UCO as a specific raw material for the production of biofuels

organization of filling into packaging and transport units, sales of modified fat raw materials and own deliveries according to approved schedules for technical, fodder, food, cosmetic and medical purposes.

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