About us - Hakus.cz

The company Hakus a.s. is a traditional Czech trading company. It was established in 1997 to operate in the area of field crop production and to trade in the individual crops. In 2001, the company started focusing on foreign trade, particularly with countries from Eastern Europe, and primarily with regard to hops and malt.

After two years of intensive work, the company managed to penetrate the market of Ukraine and the Russian Federation in a significant way. Between 2004 – 2006, the company managed to supply 26,000 tons of malt to major Ukrainian breweries. Since 2004, annual deliveries of hop products have been exceeding the threshold of 100 tons, and gradually they keep increasing. The company offers a comprehensive range of hop products with an enhanced support of Saaz semi-early red-bine hops (Žatecký poloranný červeňák) in the market.

Furthermore, Hakus a.s. is a company that specializes in purchasing the produce of Czech and Slovakian primary agricultural producers and malting plants and placing it safely on a foreign market. In this context, it provides comprehensive services of purchasing, storage, transport and collection of payments for goods supplied. On the other side, the company focuses particularly on the segment of small and medium-sized Russian, Ukrainian and Azerbaijanian breweries, it provides them with deliveries of high-quality ingredients and gives them professional support if required.

In 2009, the company extended its business portfolio with the “oleochemistry” programme, which entails import of vegetable oils and animal fats for technical purposes to the EU. In 2012, this business programme entered the stage of implementing deliveries of oils for technical purposes particularly to such European customers who have not been active in the Eastern market so far but who have an enormous interest in obtaining the ingredient from the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The company Hakus a.s., in liaison with its Russian representative – OOO MBB Group, thus arranges purchasing of crops from Russian, Kazakh, and Ukrainian producers and provides cooperation in order to ensure their quality storage, or possible modification to a required standard of quality, or in order to organize transport and customs clearance.